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A water filtration system can remove bad odors, iron sediment and unnecessary minerals from your water.


You can also have a reverse osmosis system or home distiller installed to give you truly pure, safer drinking water for you and your family.

You may think of water filters as equipment that is just attached to your kitchen sink's faucet. However, high-efficiency water filter systems can be installed to completely filter all the water throughout your home.

Efficient water filters for the entire house

Removing unhealthy elements

Are you unsure if you need a filtration system installed? Tri-County Installations Plumbing & Heating Inc can first test the water for any minerals or other particles and suggest whether the installation needs to be done or not.


We are also an authorized dealer of water filtration technology from Durastill of New York.

Testing your water for safety

Filter out any unwanted particles, minerals and sediment from your water when you have a filtration system professionally installed by Tri-County Installations Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Drink Safer, Cleaner Water


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